Q: What is this place? A: The best we can tell is that it seems to be the home of “f*” - the first gmeme. Q: The first what?  A: The first gmeme. Gmeme is a made-up word; it is a game meme. f* is a real-time, multi-platform, real world / virtual world Art Happening.  f* is a worldwide demonstration as to how a certain idea or symbol can spread within a social media network and even a whole culture. Q: How do you do that? A: By using a symbol. The symbol used in the f* gmeme is actually the logo, or maybe it is vice versa – the symbol became the logo. If one were to look really closely at that logo and at a certain time of the day, and when the light just hits it so, one could see a face; a face, which is winking at you. That face, that symbol and logo has a name, it is called: Winky The Face (WTF). So, you take that symbol, set it free and just let it do its’ thing.   Q: Does Winky The Face represent anything in particular? A: That’s the really cool thing about it – Winky The Face represents a few things that we can think of: f* - the grade. It can be f+ or f -. It can be the best of the best or the worst of the worst. Winky The Face has 3 expressions: f*, f+ and f-. f* - the philosophy behind it. How was your day today? Was it “f minus”, or did you put some effort into it? f* - the absurd check-in on Facebook and/or other social networks. Q: How can I be part of this gmeme thing, this happening? A: There are a few very simple ways of participating in the gmeme. It is all loosey goosey and you can play it anyway you want to. Here are some ideas, or guidelines, if you will. In no particular order: 1. Play an active part in the Virtual Art Happening. The Happening is happening both in the virtual world and in the real world.  Go and grab a Winky The Face avatar or profile picture, or whatever you want to call it – it’s an image of Winky The Face available on the website WinkyTheFace.com or you can download one from the Facebook page.  Now you can change your profile picture in the numerous sites that use profile pictures.  By doing this you will be part of a living multi-coloured wave of faces that will pass through the virtual world. Imagine the stadium wave during a sporting event. 2. In the real world, you can print out one of the mini-posters and either stick it on something cool and take a picture of it, or you can hold it in your hand and have someone take a picture of you holding it. Do whatever you want, be creative, don’t just sit around asking – go do something. 3. You can also f* People, Places and Things with WTF. Take a look at our f* Gallery. 4. And of course there is “The Classic”. It is how the game began in the first place - Real time game of absurd check-ins on Facebook. All you have to do is check-in a nearby location with one or more Facebook friend(s) (without asking for their permission first). It has to be an absurd check- in as your friend(s) can in no way be there at that time. You are “f plusing” them, or doing an “f+ check-in”.  Sometimes, some friends will write back a “WTF?” You can write back – did you mean Winky The Face... etc? Q: Do you know any Fun Facts? A: Just one fun fact. The legend is that the first WTF check-in on Facebook occurred in Burbank @ the Yahoo building. The comment was:”Searching for Google”. Q: Why would one play? A: If you have to ask, maybe it’s not for you. But here are some reasons, just without thinking too much: The most important reason we play any game is because it’s fun! Don’t forget - You are playing in the first gmeme ever. You can say to your kids that you were there! No one controls Winky. No one controls you. We all grade everything, all the time! And we love it! To show that we, humans, control the programs (social networks) and not vice versa. You are an equal participant with everybody else. So you can be part of something bigger than yourselves. That whole sum of the parts thing. To participate in a virtual living Art Happening just by selecting a colour and a star, or a plus, or a minus.  Like Christo’s works or the Giant Rubber Duck around the world. It’s very easy to play - No app to “allow” in your life or access your info. You just check-in and/or tag and that’s it… You become part of it, you can follow it and you can influence it in a personal way. And, of course, for the honour and the glory! Q: Is there any philosophy, any take away perhaps? A: Actually, yes! Yes, there is a philosophy - We start with nothing … we add nothing, except an idea and a grade…. We give it a symbol… We move it around… and… The movement of the nothingness will be measured by the likes on the Facebook page of Winky The Face. Q: How delightfully ironic… A: Delightfully ironic indeed! Q: How did it all start? A: We don’t know, it was like this when we got here. Q: Who is in charge? A: No one and everyone. Do you want to be in charge? Q: No, I don’t.  What do you mean “no one’s in charge”? Who controls Winky The Face? A: No one and everyone. We all control Winky The Face, buddy. Q: What are you guys doing here? A: We’re just hanging out. We came to install a grading capacitor for WTF and now we can’t get out. Q: Can I get out? A: We don’t know. You are the first one here. Ever! Q: Weird… When will this madness end? A: No one knows. WTF has a life of his own… He seems to self replicate and keeps on going. We think he could be here forever! Maybe when we don’t need to grade any more? Q: Where is the contact page? A: There isn’t one. Q: Why? A: Because this is all we know, there’s nothing more to tell. Q: What if I have more questions? A: What more could you need to know? You’re all caught up, buddy! Q: Anything else? A: Nope… Did you f plus today? Q: WTF FTW? A: Winky The Face – For The Win Q: C’mon, man, show me more. A: Uff, you are still here? Alright then. Click on this Winky The Face: