The Interview

Question Man: I sat down with bogi at his Santa Monica Studio to ask him about one angry baby, street art, and the meaning of art. …

QM: Thank you for inviting me to your studio and agreeing to this interview. So, I was wondering – are you Bogi or are you One Angry Baby?

Bogi: Can’t I be both?

QM: Of course you can.

Bogi: Actually I am Bogi and I created One Angry Baby. He is actually a character that communicates various messages.

QM: Interesting… How did One Angry Baby come about, is there a story?

Bogi: Yes, there’s a story…. Many years ago, I was sitting in my favorite restaurant, “Sushiya on Sunset”, located on The Sunset Strip. I have been going to that restaurant since it opened on April 15, 1999.

QM: Wow, you remember the date?

Bogi: Well, I have been going there almost every night. The owners, Dov and Glen, are very good friends of mine. I even have an item on the menu named after me!

QM: Fancy-schmancy!

Bogi: Anyway… I was sitting designing logos on some napkin and smoking merrily away – in those days you could smoke outside in the restaurants.

QM: Good times!

Bogi: I am sitting and one of the guys that works there, who is now a known street artist “Filthy Red Dot”, comes up to me and says: “Why don’t you get into street art? Instead of messing around on napkins with logos and start doing things like Banksy or that “Obey Giant” guy?”

QM: Interesting… Go on.

Bogi: That got me thinking. I knew the basic concept of street art – that it is made up of artists that are not accepted by the Mainstream Galleries and have said basically “F*ck this sh*t, the whole world will be my canvas and my gallery” and they have started drawing on buildings, streets, bridges, train cars…etc. Hmmm… I thought about it, all I knew at that time was that there were a lot of graffiti and some excellent pieces by the likes of Shepard Fairy, Mr. Brainwash and D*Face on some of LA’s buildings. For me, in those days, street art usually carried a negative message like f*ck this, and f*ck that.

QM: Well, it’s still a message!

Bogi: Yes, it is, but at that moment I thought to myself “Why can’t I create a positive message?” I was and I still am a great supporter of education, thinking for one’s self and thinking in general. The message was clear – “Think for yourself”, or the shortened version “TH!NK”.

QM: That’s great – you have the message. Then what happened?

Bogi: Then I had to come up with an image to associate the message with… What’s better than an innocent baby? And thus – One Angry Baby was born.

QM: But why “angry” baby?

Bogi: Well, if it was a “happy” baby, it could be associated with some “Corporate America” slogan, which is something I definitely wanted to avoid.

QM: Cool, and now that I know the story, it makes a lot of sense. Do you sell your stuff? Where can people get it?

Bogi: bogi.com is a portfolio site, which gives you an idea of what I am working on. If one wants to purchase any of the works shown here, they have to contact me directly. Otherwise, I have an online store, which sells various products.

It is located here: OneAngryBaby.com


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